Emily in Neverland

A mostly YA book blog, led by a mostly YA girl

I shouldn't have to tell you that my name is Emily, but there it is. Now we can move on.

I've had this book blog for a couple years, but never really did anything with it, and let it die several times. Now I'm determined to make it work. The reason behind this determination? I've been getting into book slumps lately. Sure, once I pick up a book and start reading, things go well, but as soon as I set that book down, it's hard to pick it up again, and it doesn't matter what book it is that I've been reading. So I'm hoping that having (and actually working on) this book blog will give me incentive to continue reading.

My goal is to write a review for every book I read, and in those reviews I will try to be as completely honest as I can. If I don't care much for the book, you'll know, just like if I love it to pieces.

Why Neverland? Why not? I love Peter Pan (whether the book, the live-action movie, or the Disney animated movie), and the concept of Neverland. You never have to grow up, get to go on amazing adventures every day, and have a pretty cool and fun time. Starting to sound like the experience of reading? There you go.

I plan on becoming a published author, so I'm always writing or scribbling down something. Thank goodness for all my handy-dandy notebooks! My other loves (besides reading and writing) include movies and music (and singing). Oh, and we can't forget the wonderful universe of The Sims franchise, now can we? :)

I will admit that I am a Hufflepuff, and darn proud of it too! Find!

If you'd like to contact me, for whatever reason, my e-mail address is: emily.in.neverland@gmail.com